Pretty girls don't eat by Winnie Salamon

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Bloomsbury, 2017. ISBN 9781925272772
(Age: 13+) Recommended. Pretty girls don't eat is a realistic chain of events involving numerous real life debacles. Winter May, a 16 year-old fashion designer, has one dream and one dream only, to pursue a long-awaited career in the fashion industry. While fine-tuning her sewing skills, Winter comes across Mable's, a large fashion shop designed for plus-sized girls to feel comfortable about their weight. After landing a job, Winter started to think she could lose a few kilos here and there, after all, it wouldn't hurt to try, but she was wrong. The tables turn when she discovers that she has a chance in pursuing her dream.
Winnie Salamon's book will leave its readers committed and involved to changing today's perception of body image. The author has carefully used her modern understanding of body image to create a truly inspiring novel to raise awareness of the problem of eating disorders. This book will entertain as well as educate nearly every audience and will teach people to be themselves no matter what they look like. Pretty girls don't eat will leave you inspired to do more and change society's biased perception of body image.
Jasmine M. (student)