The City of Secret Rivers by Jacob Sager Weinstein

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Walker Books, 2017. ISBN 9781406368857
(Age: 10+) Highly recommended. Moving from Illinois to London was hard enough but seeing her mother kidnapped has left Hyacinth in a major predicament. On moving to London, Hyacinth's biggest issues are a dad who is remarrying, a mum who seems to have no clue and silly English taps that don't mix hot and cold water. Luckily, Hyacinth has some plumbing experience but mixing hot and cold water in England is huge no no! All of a sudden, Hyacinth is stuck in the middle of magical waterways, her mum is kidnapped and Hyacinth is chasing a glowing drop of water that could destroy civilisation. Her grandmother told Hyacinth she would be well prepared so let's hope so!
The City of Secret Rivers is a quirky tale full of descriptive vocabulary and exciting events. Readers will love the mix of fantasy and real world while getting lost in this adventure across London. It is a story of a strong girl who is determined to find her mum and fix her mistake. Hyacinth's level of resilience is extremely high, making her an excellent role model for girls.
Kylie Kempster