Grover and Squeak's farm adventure by Claire Garth

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Ill. by Johannes Leak. Grover McBane rescue dog series. Piccolo Nero, 2017. ISBN 9781863959469
(Age: 6-8) Recommended. Rescue dogs. Working dogs. Farming. Author Claire Garth is the General Manager of the Sydney Dog and Cats Home and she has based her junior novel series on her rescued dog Grover. Written from the dog's point of view, readers quickly develop a fondness for this slightly insecure dog, who loves new adventures. He was rescued from a horrible Man with Big Boots and he now lives happily with Annie and Dave. He loves his new job as Office Dog at the shelter.
After a run-in with the mean cat next door, Mr Tibbles, Grover and new friend Squeak, a kelpie puppy, settle on the back seat for a drive into the country. Poor Grover is a little confused at first; is Squeak joining their family, or are they both going to be a farm dogs?
Fun and games occur when Grover and Squeak meet Rusty, Rex and Steve the farm dogs responsible for rounding up Farmer John's sheep. They trick unsuspecting Grover by leaving him with the job of herding all the woolly creatures into the barn before dark. Luckily, Barbara the sheep can communicate with him and he is able to complete his task.
Grover and Squeak's farm adventure is a delightful story to read aloud to younger classes. This chapter book is perfect for young animal lovers who will enjoy Johannes Leak's detailed sketches of the dogs and their farm experiences.
Rhyllis Bignell