The anti-boredom book of brilliant outdoor things to do by Andy Seed

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Ill. by Scott Garrett. Bloomsbury, 2017. ISBN 9781408870099
Gardening. Crafts. Cooking. Games. Holidays. Summertime fun in the garden, you can build a tipi, create a den with a fence, sheets and chairs, build a bug trap or create a beautiful water rainbow. With step-by-step instructions, stuff you need and plenty of tips, young readers can create a perfect picnic or a special treasure hunt. Spinners, snappers, paper plate Frisbees, giant bubble wands even making gloop, there are so many easy things to make indoors. With easy to source materials and a little imagination, there are plenty of things to create indoors or outdoors.
There are so many places to explore and see outside, castles to explore, go bird watching, tracking animals or observe shooting stars in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Safety measures are included throughout, telling an adult and asking for advice is important.
Andy Seed's anti-boredom activity book is packed full of games, indoor and outdoor fun, recipes to cook, something special for every season. Thirty-seven exciting challenges are included as well, at an easy, harder or tough level; try going for a night walk, sleeping under the stars or flying a kite. Scott Garrett's fun cartoon illustrations add excitement to this activity book; look for the farm horse playing table tennis and the gardener doing the splits. The creative design and placement of the text boxes, silhouettes and shadows, backgrounds and borders makes this a fun to explore information book. The anti-boredom book of brilliant outdoor things to do is just right for a family to motivate their creativity and engagement with the world around them.
Rhyllis Bignell