A is for Australian animals: a factastic tour by Frane Lessac

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Walker Books Australia, 2017. ISBN 9781925381009
(Age: 6+) Highly recommended. Factual picture book. Australian animals. This is a unique alphabet book that will enlighten and entertain any child or adult who reads it. Filled with Lessac's signature drawings the reader is given lots of information about each of the animals in the alphabet. In fact, as one peruses the book, it is very easy to forget that it is an alphabet book, and become immersed in the strange and in-depth facts that are given in bite size sections of one or two sentences spread among the beautiful illustrations.
Each of the letters in the alphabet is given a page and often there are a number of animals described and illustrated on the page. For example one double page spread has Cockatoo on one side and Crocodile on the other but both crocodiles and cockatoos are illustrated in a beautiful green river setting, with gum trees which house the cockatoos. There is even a crocodile trying to bite a bird with the information that Crocodiles can leap over two metres out of the water to catch their prey in the air.
At the front of the book is a large map of Australia showing where some of the animals, birds and reptiles live, with general information about what makes them unique. The last page show maps of animal distribution that gives the reader immediate information about where animals and birds featured in the book can be found. The illustrations are in deep blues, greens, browns and ochres reflecting the colours of the Australian landscape.
This would be an excellent addition to a library or classroom and would make an ideal gift for children.
Pat Pledger