Truly foul and cheesy animal jokes and facts by John Townsend

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Ill. by David Antram. Big Sky Publishing, 2017. ISBN 9781925520484
(Age: 7+) Recommended for kids who like jokes. The introduction to this very funny book says it all: 'Warning - reading this book might not make you LOL (laugh out loud) but it could make you GOL (groan out loud), feel sick out loud or SEL (scream out loud)' pg. 4. What makes it stand out from the standard joke book are the foul facts that accompany the very humorous jokes. Often there is a double page spread, with one page having revolting details about the animal, then the opposite page having short riddles and jokes. Others like the section on hippopotamuses has 2 pages of hippo facts and then 4 pages of silly hippo jokes and riddles. Limericks and silly poems are also scattered throughout the book adding to the fun.
The foul facts will appeal to the target audience who will delight in finding out, for example, that 'the average elephant squeezes out 100kg of sloppy poo every single day' and that 'the sloth is the world's slowest mammal, so slow that revolting plants grow on its furry coat'. David Antram's black and white drawings also add to the hilarity of the book
This is a volume that can be dipped into and is sure to keep any child who love jokes and weird, nasty facts, occupied for hours.
Pat Pledger