Sci-Fi Junior High by John Martin and Scott Seegert

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Scholastic Australia, 2017. ISBN 9781743818046
(Age: Middle primary school) Sciriustrati-Fibronoculareus Junior Things for High is Kelvin Klosmo's new school, 56,000 light years away from the last one, in Outer Space. Kelvin is part of a strange family, with genius scientist parents whose new role involves inventing a way to put people's minds into robotic bodies and a 4-year old sister Bula who he thinks is the most annoying person in the world. In the style of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dear Dumb Diary, the reader finds themselves at Sci-Fi Junior High with Kelvin making new friends, dealing with the school bullies and learning a lot as well . . . well, trying to. Kelvin is a Mighty Mega Super Genius, who is just waiting for his Super Genius to kick in.
The comic style of the story is complimentary to the storyline and definitely adds a lot to the tale. The science fiction technology aspect is also aided by the diagrams and illustrations. The alien food fight in the cafeteria is especially comedic as Kelvin tries to differentiate the food from his new classmates. This novel has many zany characters including a mad scientist out to conquer the universe and a dog who makes replicas of anything he is looking at, made of whatever substance he is eating. It is a great read with a sequel coming out next year and many middle school aged students are sure to look forward to it.
Clare Thompson