The adventures of Miss Petitfour by Anne Michaels

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Bloomsbury, 2017. ISBN 9781408868058
(Age: 9+) Highly recommended. The adventures of Miss Petitfour is a collection of short stories describing the adventures of a lovely lady and her cats - cats who like arts and crafts and a lady whose favourite mode of transport is a tablecloth that flies.
Miss Petitfour has a collection of tablecloths that fly. It just depends on where she wants to go as to which cloth she chooses! Miss Petitfour is a whimsical character who, along with her 16 cats, loves adventures. One of her favourite things to do is to fly to her favourite bookshop in the village for tea and a chat with the owner.
In the first story, readers are introduced to Miss Petitfour and her cats. The cats go on all the adventures by inking their tails around each other and trailing behind Miss Petitfour like the tail of a kite. This story is also the first adventure. The marmalade jar is empty and a daring flight to the store occurs. it is a bit windy and one of the cats gets stuck on a pole.
The stories are descriptive, whimsical and gorgeous. Every now and then, a new word is introduced as part of the story. From 'perambulator' to 'gesticulation', the narrator speaks to the readers. This book is highly recommended for readers aged 9+ (including grownups). It is a lovely and innocent collection of stories.
Kylie Kempster