Town Mouse, Country Mouse by Richard Jones

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Ill. by Libby Walden. Caterpillar, 2017. ISBN 9781848575462
Living in a bustling town is exhausting for a little mouse and she dreams of a quiet place in the country. So she writes to her country cousin to see if she can visit for a while, swapping homes so they each have a holiday.. Country Mouse is very excited because he has always wanted to be "a mouse about town." But things are not quite as wonderful as they expect and neither is sorry when their holiday is over and it's time to go HOME.
This traditional fable from Aesop has been retold in rhyme, bringing its powerful message of what it means to be home and to belong to a new generation. Cleverly illustrated with a gentle palette and strategic cutouts it's a story that has endured over time because of its timeless message of "the grass always seems greener" . Little ones can have fun imagining what it might be like to live the life of their hero or in another place, but then also reflect on the things they would miss if they were really able to make the swap.
A classic.
Barbara Braxton