Release by Patrick Ness

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Walker Books 2017. ISBN 9781406331172
(Age: 16+) Recommended. Adam Thorn has always liked boys. At seventeen he has had two boyfriends and four sexual partners. But despite being comfortable enough with himself, he is not comfortable being open about himself with his family, who are deeply religious and anti-gay. This is the crux of a number of problems - many of which drive Adam to keep his sexuality away from his family as much as possible.
It was meant to be the best day. Adam has a tight schedule but he's looking forward to the evening and Enzo's going away party. But first - chores. He must stay on his parent's good side otherwise they will change their minds about the 'gathering'. Things start to go downhill from the beginning. When Adam's brother, Marty, goes to him for advice, Marty accuses him of not knowing what real love is. This in mind, on the day Adam is planning to have sex with Linus and farewell Enzo, his ex-in-denial, Adam starts to wonder if something is wrong with him and whether he might just not deserve love. Meanwhile, not so far away, the spirit of a dead girl merges with the spirit of the lake to get revenge on her murderous boyfriend.
While it can be said that this is a coming out narrative, Ness produces a book that shows the uncertainty and fear in which many people hold coming out to their families. It is an easy and engrossing read and I would recommend for teenagers sixteen and up.
Kayla Gaskell, 21