Timmy Failure: the book you're not supposed to have by Stephan Pastis

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Walker Books, 2017. ISBN 9781406373653
(Age: 9+) Recommended. Timmy has been banned from his detective work and has to wait until school is over. The teachers have gone on strike so school has been extended. Timmy has to find a way to carry out his work and solve the mystery of the missing Rollo and do all this without getting caught by his mother or his loony cousins.
This book was a funny and interesting book, the character's roles were strange and all played funny/clever roles. I loved how the story had feeling and the plot was imaginative. The story had many problems, some big some small, all of them got solved in the end. The theme engages the reader and it has a new perspective from what I normally read. The settings are creative; the settings are set around Timmy's home town. The book is written from Timmy's point of view. The book has an imagery style.
I would recommend this book to 9+ boys who are interested in detective stories and to read the books in order.
Grace Colliver (Student)