The Scattering by Kimberly McCreight

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The Outliers book 2. Harper Collins 2017. ISBN 9780008115081
(Age: 14+) Recommended. Only weeks have passed since the incident at the camp in The Outliers. Wylie and Jasper are both far from fine, united in their shared insomnia and horror. Cassie is dead. Nothing can help that. But things fall into seeming normalcy as everyone tries to move on. Wylie, now aware of her Outlier powers, has been practising reading people. She has discovered how to diverge her anxiety from that of others, but even still, reading someone can be difficult. While it seems like the horrors born of her Dad's research are over, they have only just begun.
A new researcher as appeared and is interested in taking over Dr. Lang's work, this time with a theory about the girls being outliers due to an illness. While at first, he seems harmless, things change when Wylie is captured, drugged, and awakes confined in a quarantine area with a number of other outliers. As if that weren't enough to send Wylie's anxiety over the edge, Kendall (one of the cops from the camp) appears, this time as a doctor. The other girls have decided that Wylie is mad. It doesn't take Jasper long to break into the ward and find Wylie but she refuses to leave. She can't just abandon the others. Faced with the problem of how to save people who don't know they need saving, Wylie must use all her wits to keep them all safe.
Following on from The Outliers, this novel can only be read as a sequel. Although not as great as the first, it still retains the mystery subplot and focuses more on family and loyalty than on romantic subplots - keeping the focus on Wylie's anxiety and outlier abilities. Recommended for readers fourteen and up.
Kayla Gaskell