The great zoo hullabaloo by Mark Carthew

cover image

New Frontier Publishing, 2017. ISBN 9781925059786
(Age: All) Highly recommended. In The Great Zoo Hullabaloo, the animals are missing. Jess and Jack don't have a clue. The flamingos are gone. The rhino has escaped. The new roo can't be found. Jack follows the trail of scat and feathers before hearing music coming from the trees. Jess isn't far behind. What are the animals up to? What is causing that orange glow between the trees? Is that a roo playing a didgeridoo? Is that a birthday cake?
The Great Zoo Hullabaloo is a beautiful rhyming picture book full of great illustrations. Young children will love hearing adults read this book to them, whether at home or in the class. It is an excellent resource for any rhyming unit. Primary school children can investigate the rhyming, the rhythm and the adjective use.
The Great Zoo Hullabaloo is highly recommended for all school libraries. All readers will enjoy it.
Kylie Kempster