Where's Wally? The colouring collection by Martin Handford

cover image

Walker Books, 2017. ISBN 9781406375701
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. With the interest in colouring in going strong, both children and adults will find lots of pleasure in this colouring book featuring Wally. Even those who are not so keen on colouring in will still love the opportunity to find Wally in the many black and white scenes that can be found in the book. Wally is lurking near a pond, in a dinosaur park and in the middle of a medieval festival as well as many other exciting and interesting places. The pages present quite a challenge for the colourist to complete, with their small and intricate drawings, and definitely would be rather difficult for little hands to manipulate.
The paper is thick, the book sturdy and there are other challenges to complete. I was taken with the Super Sneaky Villains who all look like Wally with the exception of having mostaches and had fun trying to find Wally in the pages of villains. At the back of the book is a giant size poster featuring dinosaurs (and Wally is rather hard to find here), which could be pinned up in a library, classroom or bedroom and completed at leisure.
This book will give hours of relaxation and fun. It would also be a fabulous gift for children who have to while away hours on a long car or plane journey.
Pat Pledger