Nat's naughty nits by Giles Andreae

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Ill. by Jess Mikhail. Orchard Books, 2017. ISBN 9781408329375
(Age: 4-6) Hardcover, 29 pages. Lice. Rhyming stories. Humorous fiction. Health. Daily living.
'There are nits in the treetops,
Nits in the town,
Nits on the toilet seat with their pants pulled down!'
Giles Andreae tackles a new but very familiar subject in this funny rhyming story. Nat's naughty nits have come to play, they have invaded his hair and his life, they are even playing football, eating treats and sleeping safe and sound. There is an abundance of little black creatures up to all sorts of mischief, until Mummy appears with her shampoo and comb. Nate's nits are gone, and he is looking very smart until we see them travelling along the tabletop off to find a new head.
Jess Mikhail's lively nits wear a bold array of outfits perfect for their insect bodies, as they engage in a humourous range of activities. Their funny expressions, up close antics and settings are delightful, an amusing accompaniment to Andreae's rhyming story, which is presented with a range of font sizes from big and bold to tiny.
Nat's naughty nits is a fun story to share with a family or class, especially as an introduction to healthy living and how to cope with this very common school problem.
Rhyllis Bignell