The Maddie diaries a memoir by Maddie Ziegler

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Harper Collins, 2017. ISBN 9781460753750
(Age: 11+) Biography. Maddie Ziegler was born in 2002 in the US and commenced dance lessons at an early age. She started appearing on the US reality show Dance Moms at age 8.
The singer Sia a fan of the show, detected something special in Maddie and asked her to appear in Sia's video of the world wide hit song Chandelier. Since then Maddie has become known world wide and has appeared in all Sia's videos.
This memoir charts her journey to stardom in a chatty and readable style. Maddie comes through as a thoroughly nice, grounded hard working young person. It highlights her awe at working with famous actors, singers, choreographers. Her fame continues to spread with her work as a judge on 2016 show So you think you can dance: the next generation and touring with Sia in the US and Australia.
The book includes lots of drawings by Maddie - another of her talents - and coloured photos.
At the end of most chapters a section on Dear Maddie, where questions related to teenagers (bullying, self image, problems with parents/teachers, etc) are answered in a positive and empathic manner.
Hints on make up, clothes, etc are included as well as sections where friends and colleagues write about Maddie. Sia (whom Maddie now considers as family) provides the Foreword.
This is a positive uplifting memoir from a very young hardworking star. The memoir will appeal especially to 11+ aged girls and all those interested in dance.
The book is a New York Times best seller.
Ann Griffin