Journey of dreams by Marge Pellegrino

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Frances Lincoln Children's Books. ISBN 9781845072.
(Age 11+) Recommended. Gentle, almost melodic language hides the brutality of Tomasa's journey from Guatemala to Phoenix in the USA which is fraught with the hazards people fleeing tyranny face. This warmly told story engages the reader for Tomasa is a young weaver and her thoughts are woven into the pieces she creates and dreams of creating. It's a very sad and hazardous journey as her mother and brother have already gone and Tomasa, her father, brother Manuel and very little sister, Maria, tread the long path to hoped for freedom. Tomasa remembers her Mother's sayings and these keep her strong. She says:
As we walk I tuck my feelings into my heart. I hide them away just as Papa tucked our small treasures into the oilcloth and hid them in the earth for when we return.
(page 85).
It's an inspirational story and so very important in understanding other human beings journeys to a safe place. The map would be useful at the front so the magnitude of the journey would be clear. The glossary is very useful.
Sue Nosworthy