You choose... Flip me by George Ivanoff

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Random House, 2017
Alien invaders from beyond the stars/Night of the creepy carnival ISBN 9780143784029
Super sports spectacular/Trapped in the games grid. ISBN 9780143784036
Remember the frustration of finishing a book in a series that you have really enjoyed but you need to go to the library or the bookstore to track down the next one? Or worse, still, wait for it to be written and published? The solution seems to be having two books in one as with the new packaging of George Ivanoff's very popular You choose series. Now our students can have all the fun of following pathways through one book and when they are done with that, flip them over to read through another immediately. No waiting, no cooling of enthusiasm, just more reading.
For a couple of decades at least, the choose-your-own-adventure stories have been popular, particularly with boys, as they like the interactivity and the gaming nature of them. So to be able to serve them up two at a time to aficionados not only encourages them to keep reading but also shows them that the library DOES have stuff that meets their interests and needs. That has to be good.
Barbara Braxton