Eddie Frogbert by Sue deGennaro

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Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781760276782
(Age: 4+) Warmly recommended. Frogs, Achievement, Endeavor. Eddie is the only frog that doesn't like to swim. He avoids going to the pool with the other frogs and watches on as they dive from the tower. He does at least try to emulate his fellow frogs, climbing the ladder to the diving board, but turning back at the last moment. But one day he spies a competition for diving. He desperately wants to win, so he hatches a plan. At his drawing board he maps out the steps he will take to overcome his fears. He tries little jumps at a time, hopping over a stone, a snail, a log and then a bench. He uses roller skates and a spring and then balloons to give hims the spring he needs to jump from the board. On the day of the competition, he keeps bouncy thoughts in his head and climbs the diving board with all eyes on him. Success comes because of his attitude and preparation.
DeGennaro's lively illustrations will appeal to younger readers, the soft pallet of colours contrasting with Eddie's fierce determination to overcome his fear. The humour in the illustrations will appeal to the reader. They will recognise Eddie's fear and attempts to thwart it, but the humour shown with the group of frogs and their antics, softens the anxiety Eddie feels.
Subtitled, A big leap for a little frog, readers will enjoy the word play throughout the text, having fun with words and their meanings.
Fran Knight