Witch glitch by Sibeal Pounder

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A Witch Wars Adventure series. Bloomsbury, 2016. ISBN 9781408880340
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. Witch Glitch is another story in the A Witch Wars Adventure series. Tiga has been reunited with her mum, Peggy is in charge of the witching world and Fran the fairy is still annoying. The good thing about this series is readers will know what is going on without reading other stories in the series. In Witch Glitch, Tiga has discovered a book about a group of witches called The Karens. At the same time, Tiga's mum has invented a new fairy and Fran the fairy is rather upset. When Fran receives a letter from The Karens, promising to grant her wishes, Fran disappears and becomes a new story in the book found by Tiga. Tiga and her other friends set out to find Fran and discover a jelly castle and a group of witches all called Karen. Their wishes have evil twists and Fran finds herself growing bigger and bigger and bigger! How will Tiga and her friends save Fran? How will they prevent other witches from seeking out The Karens.
Witch Glitch will have readers laughing at the antics of the witches and the funny world they live in. Australia is even mentioned in it! The story is easy to read and moves quickly and readers will be fascinated with the use of the word 'frog' when they speak, the sneakiness of The Karens and the weirdness of this witchy world. Throughout the story, the local newspaper makes reports on recent events including warnings to watch out for falling cake baskets and chats with witches who think their cat shaped jam jar is a real cat! It is highly recommended to readers aged 8+.
Kylie Kempster