The anti-Boredom Christmas book by Andy Seed

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Bloomsbury Publishing Place, 2016. ISBN 9781408870105
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. The Anti-Boredom Christmas Book is full of activities to make sure readers do not get bored over Christmas. It has some hilarious activities and is full of jokes, facts, quizzes and other stuff. Each chapter is themed and readers can learn how to make some simple Christmas crafts, challenge their sister to a Christmas quiz or make dad laugh with some Christmas jokes. There are plenty of discussion pages as well which will make for some fun conversations. They include asking questions of family members and getting them to choose Christmas things they prefer. Readers can learn some new games like 'Table Tinker' where someone makes changes to the Christmas table and the other guests have to guess what is different. Try a game of Fangman (a take on the traditional Hangman) where players draw a vampire face to 'hang' the players as they guess the wrong letters. Highly recommended for all readers aged 8+. This book would make a great stocking filler and could also be used in the classroom. Students or teachers could choose an activity to do each day in the lead up to the end of the school year and Christmas.
Kylie Kempster