Colour with Chipmunk by Katie Saunders

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The Five Mile Press, 2016. ISBN 9781760401504
(Age: 2-4) Recommended. Colour with Chipmunk is one of the two brand-new early learning series from best selling author and illustrator, Katie Saunders. Accompanying Count with Panda, Katie's other early learning book, Colour with Chipmunk follows a similar concept with children recognising and identifying colours. Katie Saunders' bold illustrations create a fun and retro feel which jumps out and appeals to readers of a young age.
Colour with Chipmunk follows Chipmunk and his friends through bright and colourful pages, however whether Australian children can identify with this animal as a main character may be contemplated. How familiar are they with this type of mammal and do children know what a chipmunk is?
Much like Count with Panda, the pages are sturdy but might be challenging for little fingers to open the flaps without the worry of them tearing. A concern regarding the durability of the book. However, overall, Count with Chipmunk is an ideal resource to assist early language development and colour recognition.
Little ones will enjoy interacting with this large formatted board book as they explore the colours of the rainbow.
Keely Coard