Watch out for muddy puddles by Ben Faulks

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Ill. by Ben Cort. Bloomsbury, 2016. ISBN 9781408867204
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Humour, Water, Rhyming story. English readers know well the author of this rollicking rhyming story, as he appears as Mr Bloom in the TV show for kids, Mr Bloom's Nursery. Australian audiences need not be concerned however as the story of a young boy splashing through puddles with his wellington boots, warned to watch out for what lies beneath the surface, will grab the readers' attention as he plays in the water. From crocodiles, to two frogs kissing, to pirates and polar bears, each thing lurking beneath the surface could be there to catch an unwary child.
But treading on the water sees the boy swirling down underneath the surface to find out what lies below. He goes through layers of all sorts of things including fossils and granite but the worst thing of all to find in a puddle is the big bad rubber ducky. The children run as fast as they can from this monster until they come to a puddle that is just their size, and splash around in it most unconcerned, but watch out for it may contain more than you think.
With rollicking rhyme to read aloud, great illustrations to ponder over, I can imagine kids calling out in anticipation of something that lurks beneath the surface of the puddle. And wouldn't it be fun to read this on a rainy day then go out with your boots and try it out.
Fran Knight