Undercover: one of these things is almost like the others by Bastien Contraire

cover image

Phaidon, 2016. ISBN 9780714872506
(Age: 3+) Recommended. Shapes. Identification. Similarities and differences. The cover shows the reader clearly what will be found on each of the pages inside the book. A set of hats awaits the eagle eye, and readers will instantly laugh seeing the turtle as the odd one out in a group of things that look surprisingly similar. The stylishly presented three colour format with a clutch of things continues on each page, prodding the reader to identify the shapes as well as point out the oddity. Not only will they get used to questioning what is on each page but they will identify the similar objects shown and be able to recognise why one is different. Identification, pointing out similarities and differences are all important skills which the early learner needs to develop and here is a tool which can be easily used at home or in the classroom to further refine those skills.
The bold colours used, the humour, the wordless nature of the book, its design, the spacing of the objects on each page, the selection of the objects shown, all adds to the teaching credentials of the book, and would be very handy in a classroom where the children's exposure to these things is less than it should be.
Fran Knight