Zombiefied! Outbreak by C M Gray

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Harper Collins, 2016. ISBN 9780733334238
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. Zombiefied! Outbreak is book three in the series and finds our main character, Ben, facing yet another challenge. Since becoming a half zombie, Ben has had many adventures and has been getting use to his new strength and infrared vision. Unfortunately, Ben's brother is missing and zombie hunters think Ben has attacked him. Ben is tricked into an underground room where he discovers the hunters are his best friend's parents! What a plot twist. Will Sophie defy her parents' orders and set him free? While these events are occurring, a teacher is also watching Ben's every move. Why does he seem to be everywhere Ben is? Does he have a secret? Is he a zombie hunter or is he the Lurker (the zombie who is very human and turns humans into zombies)? It is a race to find Ben's brother and keep Sophie's parents safe.
Zombiefied! Outbreak is a quick moving, hilarious tale. At a time when zombies are popular, the story is an age appropriate and engaging version for younger readers. The text is easy to read, the characters are quirky, the events are funny and there is something for everyone in the book. It is highly recommended to readers aged 7+ and will make a great addition to a school or class library. The novel is also recommended for older students who want to read popular fiction but are limited with their decoding skills.
Kylie Kempster