How to build a billy cart and other fun stuff by Rob Palmer

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Scholastic Australia, 2016. ISBN 9781743625743
(Age: 8+) Recommended. DIY projects. This fun book has 16 DIY projects to make. Authored by former Better Homes and Gardens star Rob Palmer, this will have immediate appeal to anyone who likes to build things. The Contents page is extensive, with a How to use this book, Tool Box, Kids' Tool Box and Safety sections. It is then divided up into Toy, Backyard Games, Rainy Day Activities and Tips and Techniques.
There is a range of projects that will have appeal to all children and do it yourself enthusiasts, from the billy cart illustrated beautifully on the front cover to the stables that go with the hobby farm. I was particularly taken with the Dragon Shelf and the Fairy House. There are some other very appealing projects too, like the Skittles that would be great to take away on holidays and the box kite.
Each project is set out very clearly with a plan, a description of the parts needed and then step by step instructions.
This is a book that would make a wonderful present for the child who has a parent who likes to make things. Together they would have a lot of fun as well as having a variety of interesting projects to choose from.
Pat Pledger