Classic nursery rhymes introduced by Chris Riddell

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Ill. by Dorothy M Wheeler. Bloomsbury Education, 2016. ISBN 9781472932389
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Nursery rhymes. Nostalgia. This stunning re-release of a book of English nursery rhymes, was first published when World War One was raging. Apparently a chance discovery in company archives exposed the original book which is now presented with its original illustrations by Dorothy Muriel Wheeler (1891-1966). Wheeler is best known for her illustrations for the books of Enid Blyton, but she also produced postcards and a series of cards, particularly featuring fairies, and illustrated books by Anne MacDonald. First published by A. & C. Black (bought by Bloomsbury in 2000) in 1916 as a music book, the nursery rhymes featured were selected and edited by L. Edna Walter, and the harmonies were written by Lucy E. Broadwood.
The watercolours accompanying the text in the new edition which features an introduction from Children's Laureate, Chris Riddell, have been restored giving the classic rhymes included in this volume a new life while the musical arrangements created by Lucy E. Broadwood have been kept for this new edition.
This lovely presentation of a book first published one hundred years ago, will make any Gran happy as she recalls nursery rhymes of her childhood and can present them to a new generation. The book includes some old favourites, 'Little Jack Horner', 'Jack and Jill' and 'Humpty Dumpty' and with its stunning illustrations, redolent of books from long ago, the book is aimed at the Christmas market.
Fran Knight