Lily in the mirror by Paula Hayes

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Fremantle Press, 2016. ISBN 9781925163872
(Age: middle school) Recommended. Vietnam, Family. 'To be dark and mysterious is one of my lifelong goals' says Lily, bemoaning the fact that her life is rather slow, but when she discovers a strange mirror in her Grandfather's house, locked in a room that no one uses, she is entranced with what she finds. Mystery and magic appear all at one, as the girl in the mirror needs Lily's help.
Of Vietnamese extraction, Lily does not know her mother's parents but the locked room in her granddad's house is intoxicating. Related in Lily's emotive voice, the story is of wrongs righted as Lily and the girl solve a family mystery together. Lily's brush with he supernatural helps her win over the bullies at school, and her advanced knowledge of the Harry Potter books gives her an unexpected advantage. Middle school readers will love Lily's fresh voice and the working out of the problem of the girl in the mirror.
Fran Knight