Amazing Abby : Drama Queen by Emma Moss

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Girls can vlog bk 2. Macmillan Childrens' Books, 2016. ISBN 9781509817382
(Age: 11+) Recommended. Pink cover, glittery lettering and cute polaroids didn't bode well. As expected, the stereotypical tween love triangle between protagonist, hot boy and narcissistic school bully; results in Abby being continually set-up and looking foolish. In this sequel to Lucy Locket: Online Disaster (Girls Can Vlog bk 1) Abby's good times vlogging outweighs the hijinks of Dakota, who is the ultimate mean girl.
Abby shines in the company of her loyal group of friends who are members of the youtube channel she founded: Girls Can Vlog, but is she neglecting her school work? Readers will delight in the different genres used to re-create the girls' youtube videos. Text messages, scripts, viewer counts, photos and comment feeds enable us to experience each fun-filled vlog on paper. It takes initial adjustment, but we quickly adapt and are thoroughly engaged.
Despite a predictable plot, readers cannot help developing an interest in creating vlogs collaboratively, and learning about the techniques and content via the featured video scripts. To be fair, there are also lessons to be learned. Author, Emma Moss, touches on: school pressures, cheating, bullying and friendship. Girls can Vlog's strength lies in its innovative style. Macmillan produced cute youtube trailers for this series, which will no doubt attract equally cute youtube responses. Recommended for junior high girls.
Deborah Robins