Sage Cookson's Ring of Truth by Sally Murphy

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New Frontier Publishing, 2016. ISBN 9781925059748
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. What an amazing life Sage has! Her parents are hosts of a cooking show and travel around Australia with Sage. In this story, Sage and her parents are in Tasmania to visit and film Bettina and Babette's bakery. When Bettina's most treasured ring goes missing, the filming is put in jeopardy and Sage is accused! The ring doesn't turn up and Sage is determined to help. Can Sage get to the bottom of this mystery and save her parents' TV show?
Sage Cookson's Ring of Truth is a short novel at 56 pages long and is aimed at young girls. It is highly recommended for readers aged 7+ who are starting to collect and read longer stories and short novels. The text is easy to read and Sage is a lovely role model for young girls. The events happen quickly to help keep readers engaged and it will have readers wondering just how a ring can disappear.
Kylie Kempster