Botanicum by Katie Scott and Kathy Willis

cover image

Five Mile Press, 2016. ISBN 9781783703944
(Age: 8+) Museums, Evolution, Plants. As with Historium and Animalium this beautiful book will make an excellent library book which some children will chose to use. Students will need to be shown this book and when they dip inside will be amply rewarded.
As with any museum, each double page is like a gallery, inviting students to look closely at the detailed illustrations by Scott and then read Willis' words.
Again, reminiscent of wood block prints of the past, the highly detailed illustrations beg the eyes to look closely and deeply, lingering over the intricacy of the pictures shown, taking int he text and all it offers. Some illustrations, like the Giant Sequoia are pictured across the double page, increasing its interest to readers, its placement underlining it size. Information about its size, plant group if belongs to and where it can be found is given underneath along with references to the illustrations. Kids will be amazed at the information and pictures given in this book. Seven chapters are given in all, starting with The First Plants, moving on to Trees, Palms and Cycads; Herbaceous Plants; Grasses, Cattails, Sedges and Rushes; Orchids and Bromeliads and finishing with a chapter on how plants have adapted to the environment. All in all a fascinating book to read or dip into, to use as a reference or just gathering information. A detailed index is given at the back between the most glorious of endpapers.
Fran Knight