There is a monster on my holiday who farts by Tim Miller

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Ill. by Matt Stanton. ABC Books, 2016. ISBN 9780733334658
When the family goes around the world for their holiday, something nasty goes with them - a fart. The fart appears at every place they visit, and the illustrator has fun drawing images of various places around the world that the family goes to. The readers sees the Sumo wrestlers in Japan, the tranquil water off Greece, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Pyramids of Egypt, but all accompanied by a fart. The family crosses the Alps in a hot air balloon, helped by the fart, they see the Mona Lisa in Paris but she seems to be gagging on something, and we find out why the person is screaming in the Munch painting in Oslo. Each place they visit is also visited by a fart, until the parents call a halt.
This funny story will be recognised by the readers as they all have experience of someone farting in their midst. They will laugh out loud at the places the family visits and the effect of the fart on that place. They will recognise many of the places and could well use a world map to find where these places are.
The book takes the readers on a trip around the world, highlighting may significant sights and experiences. I love the little detail included by the illustrator, flags of some countries, food that might initiate the fart, and the selfie takers. What a clever way to introduce countries of the world to a younger audience.
Fran Knight