Valdur the Viking and the ghostly Goths by Craig Cormick

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Ford Street Publishing, 2016. ISBN 9781925272420
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. Ghost pirates, ghost Vikings and ghost ships. Did you ever wonder what happens to all who are lost at sea? This short, funny story has all of the answers. Valdur is a Viking child who has been sailing the seas, with his father, for hundreds of years. Valdur, his father and their crew are all ghosts. The pirates who attack them are ghosts. The ships the Vikings attack are ghosts. When Valdur's father and most of the crew are kidnapped by the pirate captain, Germanicus Bottom, Valdur is determined to sail after them and rescue everyone. What role will Ragna, Valdur's dog, play? What is salted porridge? Is it the Viking Captain Germanicus is really after?
Valdur the Viking is a quirky, easy to read novel and is highly recommended for boys aged 7+. It is a great step into first novels. The descriptive text is funny and boys will love the pirate and Viking adventure. Who knew ghosts were sailing around out there?
Kylie Kempster