Fright Club by Ethan Long

cover image

Bloomsbury, 2016. ISBN 9781681190433
This is one of the cutest board books I've seen for ages. Forget about sweet and pretty - this one is just in time for Halloween and a fun story for little people.
The local Fright Club led by Vladimir the vampire is busily practising their 'ghoulish faces, scary moves, chilling sounds' in their clubhouse when there comes a knock at the door. A sweet fluffy bunny asks if she can join the club and is promptly rejected. The monsters continue with their very amateurish spookiness and there is another knock at the door. This time the cute bunny is accompanied by her foxy lawyer citing discrimination about being excluded and pretty soon all the woodland creatures are picketing the Fright Club. Of course eventually the monsters have to give in and let them all join - and who knew? Those little animals can be quite scary when they want to be!
This is just great fun with a load of good devices to talk about if you did want to share it with older ones; speech bubbles, onomatopoeia etc but basically it is a just a hoot for Halloween.
Check out the trailer online.
Sue Warren