Guinness World Records 2017

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Guinness World Records, 2016. ISBN 9781910561324
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. The Guinness World Records book needs no introduction to its many fans, who will eagerly pore over the Guinness World Records 2017 with the new and strange, fascinating, weird and horrible 4,000 world records ranging from facts about the moon, music, movies, animals, sports, social media and lego-ology. The contents page directs the reader off to the different sections that may be of most interest and allows for individual interests to be followed. But it is equally of interest to start at the beginning and read snippets about records that jump out - like the most times to be made homeless by hurricanes (Five) and the largest tropical rainforest (Amazon).
Fast facts sections can be found on every double page spread and each section is highly illustrated with beautiful and interesting photographs. A detailed index will also help readers to find their favourite records and The Stop Press has records that were added to the database after the official closing date.
A section that is sure to appeal to children is the is the Toys and Games which includes a record for the most views for a Minecraft video channel as well as a Lego-ology chapter that gives the largest Lego sets, the largest life-size house made from Lego bricks and so on. The Sports section is another that will enthrall readers while the Do try this at home contents will give readers the chance to see if they could break a record. The Don't try this at home contents will also fascinate and horrify with its graphic pictures.
This is a well-produced, easy to read and fascinating book that will appeal to people of all ages.
Pat Pledger