Quick as a wink, Fairy Pink by Lesley Gibbes and Sara Acton

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Working Title Press, 2016. ISBN 9781921504860
(Age: 3+) Recommended. Bedtime story. Fairies. Verse. Children will get into bed 'as quick as a wink' to hear this verse story read out to them. They will predict the word that rhymes and laugh along with the sequence of events that precedes the all important event of bed time. They will easily learn the lines, repeating them with their parents as the book is read.
Each time one of the fairies is doing one of the tasks that is done before bedtime: cleaning teeth, having a bath, dressing for bed, reading a story, then Fairy Pink cannot be found. The repeating refrain, Quick as a wink, find Fairy Pink will be one that is called out by the children and they will need to search the pages to find the hidden fairy. Younger children will love following the routines of the fairies in the story as they too go to bed.
Sara Acton's illustrations are deftly done, a few ink lines are drawn and filled with soft, pastel water colours to give a seemingly quick impression of the five girls and their activities before bed. Kids will love looking at Acton's pictures, recognising the five fairies, and comparing their bed time tasks with those presented to them in the book. This is a wonderfully gentle story for bed time, lovely lilting verse accompanied by engaging illustrations.
Fran Knight