The unexpected everything by Morgan Matson

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Simon and Schuster, 2016. ISBN 9781471146145
(Age: 14+) Recommended. Romance. Family relations. Friendship. A perfect holiday read filled with likeable characters and funny moments, Matson has written an enjoyable romance that is sure to engage its readers. Andie has her future all planned out - a top medical school, no serious relationships and avoiding her Congressman father. All that falls through when a political crisis sees her father at home and her summer internship cancelled. Desperate, she takes on a dog walking job, gets to know the nerdy Clark and hangs out with her friends, Palmer, Bri, Toby and Tom.
Matson's flowing narrative and snappy dialogue made this an addictive read. Andie's plight of finding her summer plans in chaos because of the scandal surrounding her father provide the impetus for her to find another job - dog walking - and this is not what she had wanted at all. However when she starts to walk Clark's dog things begin to look up. Clark is the author of a best-selling fantasy series, living alone in his publisher's house and fighting writer's block. Home-schooled, he is fascinated by Andie and the dynamics of her friendship group and the fun that they have together, swimming in his pool and going on a scavenger hunt.
Andie also has to come to grips with her father, at home for a lengthy period for the first time since the death of her mother from cancer. Andie has been used to living her own life, with an odd assorted of relatives to look after her and no set curfew so it is a shock to have her father looking out for her. The growth of their relationship is a feel good aspect of the book.
Filled with lots of funny moments, a heart wrenching look at friendship between girls, and a moving romance The unexpected everything is sure to be a winner.
Pat Pledger