Black by Fleur Ferris

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Random House Australia, 2016. ISBN 9781925324976
(Age: 15+) Recommended. Thriller. Horror. Superstition. Ebony Marshall, known as Black, is desperate to leave Dainsfield, the small country town where she is in her final year of high school. Rumours that she is cursed have followed her since three of her best friends have died in accidents and now she finds it easy to be alone. But when her date for the formal ends up in intensive care, the whispers stir again and Black finds herself in danger.
A highly addictive thriller, Black had me glued to the page to the surprising end which is not for the faint-hearted. Black's resilience and courage were highlights of the book as she faces the wild rumours that spread about her. Her job helping Ed test the water in the dams around the town added a depth to her life in a country town, with its gossip, cliques, religious groups, secrets and strange happenings. Ed is willing to help her out with friendship and more as the whispers escalate, and Aiden, her date for the formal is another great character, willing to look below the surface of the town gossip, as are the A's a group of girls who do stand up for her.
The suspense as Black faced the secrets of the town had me holding my breath. The last chapters were dark and spell binding and kept me guessing right to the stunning conclusion. Readers who love thrillers will not be able to put Black down.
Pat Pledger