Edge of extinction: It's them or us by Laura Martin

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Edge of extinction series, bk. 1. Harper Collins, 2016. ISBN 9780008152895
(Age: Upper primary, Lower secondary) This absorbing story, set in a future world, is the first in a series and it establishes a momentum that is sure to carry readers along to the final book.
It is easy to empathise with the three main characters, living in a world fraught with danger since scientists brought dinosaurs back from extinction.
Sky Mundy is the first person narrator, explaining her motivation for leaving the underground colony where she has lived since the disappearance of her father, branded a traitor. Her best friend, Shawn, follows her into exile and they take refuge with a young boy, Todd, and his family and friends in a treetop sanctuary.
But Sky and her friend, Shawn, are followed by ruthless members of the Underground Compound, and now with Todd accompanying them, they must elude them as well as the ferocious dinosaurs. Fortunately, a dinosaur hunter saves their lives and Sky discovers that he, Ivan, is her grandparent. The three young people are relieved when he agrees to join their search for Sky's father.
The next episode is coming soon. I'm sure young readers will look forward to it.
Thelma Harvey