The puberty book by Wendy Darvill and Kelsey Powell

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6th edition. Hachette Australia, 2016. ISBN 9780733635496
(Age: 9-14) Highly recommended. Puberty. Growth and development. Sex and sexuality. Health. Authors Wendy Darvill and Kelsey Powell have utilised their extensive working knowledge of family planning and the sex education of both primary and secondary students to update the sixth edition of The puberty book. The popular book for both males and females supported by informative diagrams and amusing cartoons, covers the changes that happen at puberty, sex and sexuality, physical and mental health, teenage relationships, pregnancy and birth. Worries and concerns about these issues are dealt with in an honest and open manner. Preteens and teenagers from 9-14 ask questions across a broad range of issues - HIV to pregnancy and the easy to understand answers given are insightful.
Peer pressure, the power of social media, friendships, teasing and bullying and parental concerns raise a minefield of concerns for teenagers growing up in today's society. Embracing a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, sleeping, hygiene and looking after your mental health are discussed, acknowledged as legitimate concerns with the answers sensitively written in terms the target audience can understand. Each chapter focuses on one topic - in 'Learning about sex', Wendy and Kelsey explore sex and sexuality, sexting, same sex relationships and when sex is not ok.
The authors promote effective sexual education for children approaching puberty, keeping an honest and open dialogue between them and their parents. The aim of this book is to communicate the content in a healthy and constructive way. With each new edition, current information is added on contraception, medication and the influence and pressure of social media.
The puberty book 6th edition is an excellent resource for families, educators, health professionals, counsellors and those who work with preteens and teens.
Rhyllis Bignell