So wrong by Michael Wagner and Wayne Bryant

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Billy Goat Books, 2016. ISBN 9780994251756
Highly recommended. Having a problem reaching those reluctant readers? Well I guess we all have at times. So how to solve the problem is the question.
Put a fiendishly naughty author and illustrator together and watch them create what can only be described as outrageously subversive humorous writing that fools kids into thinking they are not seriously reading!
So wrong is less a book than a collection of snack-sized craziness which will fool any reader into wanting more of this reading thing.
There are short stories which it would be reasonable to say include the universal appeal of toilet humour to a fairly high degree. My favourite is definitely 'The veree hungree caterpooper'. There are some fantastically hilarious satirical advertisements - the Parental Attitude Adjuster would be a highly sought after product. Interspersed throughout are some dubious snippets of life advice from a reputedly successful Life Coach for Kids. And of course the pages are lavishly illustrated with a huge variety of visual jokes as well.
It's Mad magazine meets Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton...
Both Michael Wagner and Wayne Bryant were reluctant readers themselves and decided that they would partner up to create the sort of book (and indeed series) they would have liked to read as kids.
It won't be just your reluctant readers queuing up for this one - it's going to be a hit with every kid who likes to laugh at general silliness and a bit of naughtiness.
Check out the Billy Goat Books website. Highly recommended for all readers who snort out loud laughing.
Sue Warren