Witch watch by Sibeal Pounder

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Ill. by Laura Ellen Anderson. Witch Wars series. Bloomsbury, 2016. ISBN 9781408852699
(Age: 8+) Witch watch follows closely on from the second story in the Witch Wars series. Once again, there are strange things happening in Ritzy City, life is all black and white, devoid of colour until a mysterious green apple materializes in the street. When Tiga's witch guardian Miss Heks reappears in a bright orange dress and magically places her tatty house on Ritzy Avenue, Tiga, Peggy and Fluffanora know something is wrong. WARWOP! The witch magazine also reports rumours of wicked Celia Crayfish sightings all over town. Disguised as the waitress, Norma Milton, she is determined to bring her friends the adult witches back to Ritzy City and stoop the girls ruling the place.
The girls fly off on their magic broomstick for a big adventure to help Tiga look for her mother Gretal Green who has disappeared up the pipes into Silver City. The magic is fanciful, with silly spells, talking cats, wicked witches in boxes amongst watermelon green houses, slippery slug spies and WARWOP! Magazine reports.
The action is fast-paced; the nine-year-old witches seem to act more like teenagers as they dive in to thwart the mysterious reappearance of the adult witches. This is a fun story for fans of the previous books in the series; Laura Ellen Anderson's stylized illustrations portray the girls as teenage characters as well as their ritzy clothes.
Rhyllis Bignell