When Luke Skywalker became an X-wing pilot by Trey King

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Star Wars. Story-time saga. Hardie Grant Egmont, 2016. ISBN 9781760128401
(Age: 6+) Recommended. Young fans of the Star Wars saga will be delighted with this picture book that shows Luke Skywalker when he has joined the rebels in their fight against the Empire. They want to destroy the deadly battle station, the Death Star, and Luke is on a mission as an X-wing pilot to attack it.
Readers familiar with the film Star Wars: A new hope, will recognise the episode and those new to the Star Wars story will be thrilled with the action of the X-wing fighters as they zoom against the Death Star. When Luke gets into trouble his friend Han Solo swoops down in the Millennium Falcon to help out. Luke has to become confident and use the Force to win the battle, remembering the advice of Obi-Wan.
Large print and words in bold will be a boon for beginning readers, and younger children will enjoy having this story read to them. The bright illustrations complement the story and give a vivid impression of the tense action in the battles. This is sure to become a favourite of children who love the movies and the Lego figures associated with Star Wars.
Pat Pledger