The nose pixies by David Hunt and Lucia Mascuillo

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Scholastic, 2016. ISBN 9780733334870
(Age: 3+) Cautionary tale. Nose picking. Health. You will never pick your nose again after reading this horribly descriptive cautionary tale. And hopefully neither will the young audience to whom it is targeted.
Oliver has a very nasty habit, that of picking his nose and planting the pickings in his mouth. He tells his hands to behave but without thinking those fingers sneak back into his nose. One night Dad tells him a very strange story, that of the nose pickers whose job it is to mine noses. The story has been made up just for Oliver, and Dad tells it with gusto.
Warning: this will make you feel ill for much of the story. Designed to put kids off being involved in this nasty habit, the book will certainly achieve its aim. Kids will read it for the humour and the yuck factor, relishing everything that comes out of Oliver's nose, but take to heart the message given. Young boys in particular will have a great laugh as the story is told, and will relish watching the eight pixies go about their mining work.
Fran Knight