This school is driving me nuts! and other funny plays for kids by Duncan Ball

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Christmas Press, 2016. ISBN 9780994234032
(Age: All) Highly recommended. This School is Driving Me Nuts! is a great selection of plays for fun reading on your own and in the classroom with a group. Readers can read through the Perils of Prince Percy of Pomegranate or solve the crime in Muckup at Murder Mansion. The plays are for larger groups as well as smaller groups but also cater for those two outgoing and overacting students with the two man show Sam Shovel's Greatest Case. Do you have a soloist? Try the monologue This School is Driving Me Nuts! There is an excellent variety of funny plays, using easy to read, descriptive language. It will challenge students to use expression, improve fluency and develop speaking confidence. The topics will appeal to readers aged 9+; from princes to vampires and a rhyming sidekick. Independent readers will enjoy reading the plays as standalone texts. It is excellent for those readers who aren't too keen on reading a whole novel, allowing them to continue developing their vocabulary. Highly recommended for all age groups.
Kylie Kempster