EJ shines by Susannah McFarlane

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EJ12 Girl Hero bk 21. Scholastic, 2016. ISBN 9781925206043
(Age: 8 - 10) Recommended. Themes: Birthdays, Spies, Codes and Ciphers, The Great Barrier Reef, Adventures. Emma Jacks returns in her final EJ12 mission, and with her twelfth birthday approaching she has one final assignment to complete. This we discover is her most important adventure, she needs to rescue A1 the SHINE Agency leader and shut down the cruel, animal testing laboratory run by the evil SHADOW Agency.
This novel delivers all the excitement the fans have come to expect. Emma's reliance on her friends and their different skills, her code and cipher cracking abilities, her special charm bracelets, amazing travel destinations, creative transport solutions and of course her ability to think quickly and strategically.
What will life be like for Emma when she turns twelve? She will qualify for a new spy division - EJ14 - and after the holidays there will be a new school with different challenges, but luckily her best friends will be there for her.
On the last day of school, of course, there is just time for one super-charged mission and only EJ12 is contacted. A1 has mysteriously disappeared; her last known sighting was in the global beauty company laboratory at S.INC, an organisation reputed to carry out animal testing for anti-aging products. Her fellow agents join her to infiltrate the laboratory disguised as models and they discover SHADOW has established a hidden testing and collection facility in the outer Great Barrier Reef. A rare deep-sea fish the Black Sea Devil produces eggs with special anti-aging qualities. With the amazing assistance of some special dolphins, an undersea adventure in a mini-submarine and a hot air-balloon ride, EJ12's exploits are exciting and enthralling. Emma's ingenuity and quick thinking combined with the special party popper charm on her bracelet finally foil the plans of the evil Z mastermind of SHADOW.
Susannah McFarlane's successful EJ12 series ends with a promise of even more thrilling adventures to come, as Emma embraces her life as a teenager.
Recommended for readers from 8-10 years of age.
Rhyllis Bignell