This is a circle by Chrissie Krebs

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Random House, 2016. ISBN 9780857988058
(Age: 3+) Recommended. Mathematics, Circles, Humour, Read a loud. In rhyming pairs of lines, the story unfolds. A fox and a bear are introduced, along with a circle and square, a ball and a box, each page inviting the reader to look at what each word represents. The next double page has four more objects, a car, a boat, a scarf and a hat, while two more animals are added: a goat and a cat. Children will by now be most intrigued about what part each will play in the story of a circle and the adult reader will ask questions along the way directing the child to give this some thought. Children will also see the rhyming possibilities of some fo the words presented.
Over the next few pages each of the animals finds a way to climb the large box, using one or more of the objects given, and children will call out with glee at what each animal might use. And with such simple rhyming stanzas the audience will be encouraged to predict the last line of each to rhyme with a word before.
At last the problem is solved, but where to now? Again, children will see the possibilities of the four animals stuck on top of the box with nowhere to go. Clear funny illustrations reflect the mood of the story adding another level of humour for children to read.
This is a treat for adult and child, as the lines are read and visual clues searched for as the two read it together.
Fran Knight