Hillary: a biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton by Karen Blumenthal

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Bloomsbury, 2016. ISBN 9781408873922
(Age: Senior secondary to adult) Recommended. This biography is a very readable linear account of Hillary's life so far. It describes her achievements and her obvious qualities - she's intelligent, driven, and strategic, and now she is a presidential candidate.
She was educated and formed her political opinions during the volatile 1960s. The assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jack and Robert Kennedy as well as the Vietnam War and the battle for black equality were significant at this time.
While describing the progression of Hillary's legal career the book gives an insight into inequality in the United States and how that society is fragmented.
Inevitably it arrives at how Hillary met Bill and their contrasting characters - her somewhat dour nature, his charismatic charm, but also his failings. One is left wondering whether Hillary has been helped or hindered by her link with Bill.
Undoubtedly Hillary is a role model to many women, not only in the US but worldwide. Will she be the first female president of the USA? Only time will tell. However no one can doubt her ambition.
Robert McNair