The Fizz series by Lesley Gibbes

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Ill. by Stephen Michael King. A police dog adventure series. Allen and Unwin, 2016.
Fizz and the show dog jewel thief. ISBN 9781760112882
Fizz and the handbag dognapper. ISBN 9781760112899
(Ages: 7+) Highly recommended. Dogs. Police. Adventure. This wonderful series, full of fun and humour, with laugh out loud illustrations will tantalise younger readers. The first two in the series, Police dog tryouts and Police academy rescue showed the perseverance of Fizz, a fluffy lap dog and his efforts to achieve his dream, that of being a police dog.
Now that he has passed his training, he is about to take up his first position at the Sunnyvale City Police Station where his rival, Amadeus, is also employed, ready as always to bully and intimidate Fizz. Fizz and the show dog jewel thief has a jewel thief causing concern at the Pemberley Show Dog Trials, and Fizz is sent as an undercover dog. Much fun follows as Fizz must do something he has avoided all his life, that of being made ready for a show at the Gorgeous Groomers Show Dog Salon. Some great action ensues as our hero achieves his goal and even Amadeus steps in to help, working with Fizz rather than against him.
Fizz and the handbag dognapper has poor old Fizz yet again being an undercover dog, this time posing as a handbag dog in a celebrity's handbag, complete with tracking collar, ready to be dognapped and then followed by the police to attempt a rescue.
This series is perfect for the early reader, someone who has just managed chapter books. There are eight chapters in each book, each about five pages long with many funny illustrations to ease the way. The humour is infectious and will delight the readers and being about a dog will win hearts.
Fran Knight