What could it be? Exploring the imaginative world of shapes by Sally Fawcett

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EK Books, 2016. ISBN 9781925335026
Picture book. Shapes. Western Australian teacher Sally Fawcett has created this wonderful picture book that explores the everyday 2D shapes that even very young children recognise from their early morning television experiences, encouraging the reader to find them not only in the stunning illustrations but also in their own environment.
Using repetitive text, rhyme and rhythm she invites the young reader to not only be more perceptive but also to use their imaginations, encouraging them to look more closely and think more carefully. There are circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, ovals, and octagons everywhere, both natural and man-made, that, after sharing the book, makes the urge to go on a shape-walk around the home, classroom or school irresistible. Digital cameras make the 'collection' of shapes so easy these days and there are plenty of apps that will help you turn the photos into a captioned book written by the students that can be read again and again.
As well as that there are all sorts of ideas available at http://whatcoulditbe.ekbooks.com.au/ which include the opportunity for children to upload their own artworks.
This is another interactive book that invites input from the reader and takes them on a journey through their imagination. As well as being perfect for early childhood, it's also great for those learning English for the first time as they learn our words for shapes and colours but can then extend their observations at their own level.
Barbara Braxton